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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

This is the submissions site for Beaming Books, an imprint of 1517 Media. We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions. Literary agents are welcome to submit to our acquisitions editors directly. 

Upcoming Submission Opportunity:

For the month of February 2023 we will be opening to submissions from US-based authors that are unagented with specifically progressive Christian themes. Read the guidelines below for more information to prepare your submission. The form to submit will be available starting February 1 and we will receive submissions through February 28. 

This is an open-call for submissions specifically for progressive Christian books for kids ages 4-12. Please read all of the information below about our publishing house and the kinds of books we are seeking before proceeding to submitting your manuscript in February.

About Beaming Books:

Beaming Books publishes high-quality children’s books that help kids thrive in every part of who they are—emotionally, socially, and spiritually. With topics ranging from self-esteem to kindness, ethics, and faith, our books are designed to spark the imagination and equip kids and families to live full and flourishing lives, together.

Running through all of this is our commitment to inclusive storytelling so that all kids can find themselves in our books. We are unapologetically anti-racist and LGBTQ affirming. We strive to joyfully represent an inclusive array of ethnicities, racial backgrounds, gender identities, abilities, disabilities, body types, and families in our books and the creators who make them.

Beaming Books is an imprint of 1517 Media, the publishing ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Other imprints under this publishing umbrella are Broadleaf Books, Fortress Press, Augsburg Fortress, and Sparkhouse.

We publish to the general children's book market and the progressive Christian children's book market. This is an open-call specifically for progressive Christian books for kids ages 4-12 in the following categories:

  • Picture Books (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Nonfiction Books (longer form, not a picture book)

*We will not consider board books, graphic novels, chapter books, novels, story Bibles, or books intended for parents or adults.*

Audience (we are seeking books specifically with these audiences in mind. People who identify with at least one of these communities):

  • Progressive Christians
  • Ex-Evangelicals or Unfundamentlists
  • Deconstructing Christians
  • Mainline protestants (Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Moravian, Presbyterian,  etc.)
  • Former Christians, people of other faiths or no faith, who want to share Christian values or information about Christianity with their kids from an inclusive, grace-filled perspective

Themes and topics we are particularly interested in:

  • God's love
  • Who is God?
  • Empowering kids to be their best, truest selves
  • How to connect with God (prayer/spiritual practices)
  • Faith in the world (making a difference, interfaith relationships, being kind, etc.)
  • Making sense of the Bible
  • Easter + Christmas stories or holiday traditions
  • Manuscripts inspired by a biblical or theological concept, not direct retellings of Bible stories

Titles in the Beaming Books catalog that capture the essence of what we're seeking (check out for a look at our full catalog):

Submission Guidelines:

  • Picture book manuscripts should be under 1000 words
  • Text-only submissions are welcome. You do not need to provide your own illustrator. We work with illustration agents around the world to find the right illustrator for the manuscript we acquire
  • If you are an author and illustrator, please submit samples of your work and/or samples from the picture book dummy for your submission.
  • Long-form nonfiction submissions: submit a table of contents and 3 chapters or first 20 pages. Pitches without sample chapters cannot be considered.
  • Exclusive, unagented submissions only. If you have an agent, ask your agent to submit to one of our editors directly. You are free to submit your manuscript to other publishers if you don't hear from us within 3 months of submission.
  • Note: Our editors are currently acquiring books to be published in 2025 and beyond.

Learn more about our publishing house at

Please do not contact Beaming Books via social media, phone, or email to ask questions about this open-call or to inquire about the status of your submission. This is an editorial-managed project and the editors do not have the capacity to respond to individual communication. Thank you for understanding!

A Submit Button will appear below in February when the submission window is open. 

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